Share Your Thoughts for the #ArtsVoteBC Campaign

As part of the resources provided at ArtsVote BC, we've created toolkits to assist both candidates and voters in becoming stronger advocates for the arts. The toolkits make the case for the necessity of public and private investment in the cultural sector. Investment in the cultural sector returns a bounty of social and economic benefits; and arts, culture and heritage are some of the most enduring representations of human expression.  

We've given our reasons for the importance of investing in arts and culture, but what are yours? Art is at the core of creating both individual and community identities, and we want to hear why the arts matter to each person in our province. Everyone's story is different, and we encourage you to share yours on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Tag us at @ArtsVoteBC and use the hashtag #artsvoteBC, and we'll gather your thoughts on the ArtsVote BC Twitter and Facebook pages. Some of our examples are posted there now.

There are more ideas on the ArtsVote BC Election Strategies page:

Talking Points for Social Media

Personal stories are the best! When sharing your written or video messages on social media, consider the following talking points:

“The arts are important to me because…”

  1. they help me express who I am and what I believe in;
  2. they provide different perspectives on life and important issues;
  3. they build bridges between diverse communities;
  4. they enhance learning – cognitive abilities, confidence, communication skills, problem solving, motivation;
  5. they build better communities to live in;
  6. they enhance a sense of belonging and wellbeing;
  7. they improve mental health;
  8. they question the status quo and encourage creative thinking;
  9. they are an important tool for reconciliation in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities


Talk about anything that speaks to your own experience of cultural value.

“The arts are an investment in all human beings, not just artists, because...”

“The arts changed/saved my life when…”

Make Your Voice Heard

As we prepare to go to the polls for the provincial election on May 9, let's raise our voices to protect arts, culture and heritage, and advocate for human expression. 

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