Spencer Chandra Herbert: BC NDP Will Double BC Arts Council Budget



In an interview with Vancouver Co-Op Radio program Arts Rational on April 13, Vancouver-West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert said the BC NDP would double the BC Arts Council budget over a period of four years.

"The BC New Democrats are fully in support of the BC Arts Council, and actually in doubling the investment the BC government has made in the BC Arts Council over a four year term," said Chandra Herbert, responding to questions generated by the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture and posed to him by Arts Rational host Gerry Kowalenko.

He also added that the BC NDP would invest in arts and culture infrastructure with a new capital infrastructure fund, "so that our artists really do get the opportunity to make the best work possible, tour the world, bring the dollars back here, but most importantly allow us to see ourselves and understand ourselves through our arts and culture, because that builds community and understanding and healthy communities – as well, of course, as creating good, sustainable, and healthy jobs."

"The arts will be a key part of our sustainable economy plan."

The interview can be found online here, and starts at 32:21.

For more information on the positions of all candidates on arts and culture, please visit ArtsVote BC, where the Alliance will be cataloguing this information over the course of the provincial election.

[This post is not intended as an endorsement of any candidate or party. The Alliance advocates for BC arts and culture and seeks to engage in constructive dialogue with all sitting officials and prospective candidates. We will continue to update you on arts and culture news as it emerges as part of our advocacy efforts around this provincial election.]

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