Vancouver City Council Puts Forward Motion for New Creative City Strategy

City of Vancouver councillor Heather Deal has put forward a motion for the City to adopt a new strategic plan around arts and culture. The motion comes as the existing Culture Plan, established in 2008, comes to the end of its ten-year term.

The new resolution proposes that Council:

  • Develop a vision for culture and creativity in Vancouver which
    o addresses current and emerging challenges and opportunities,
    o reflects the culture and history of the city,
    o interfaces with other city policies and strategies, and;
  • Work with stakeholders including the Arts and Culture Policy Council to inform a new Creative City Strategy which includes specific goals and targets with timelines and deliverables, and;
  • Report to Council with an implementation plan and budget, including working with the current and evolving policy framework to identify initial findings, by the first quarter of 2018.

The text of the motion can be found on the City of Vancouver website here. The Alliance will keep you updated on developments around the new Creative City Strategy as they emerge.

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