Nominate Now for the Surrey Mayor's Arts Awards

The following information is excerpted from a press release issued by the Surrey Board of Trade.

The Surrey Mayor’s Art Awards will recognize individuals and businesses that are committed to enriching Surrey through the arts, thus enhancing Surrey’s livability. The Surrey Board of Trade and the City of Surrey are committed to cultivating and sustaining a healthy and inclusive city and work towards ensuring that the cultural richness of Surrey is reflected through these awards.


1. Philanthropy Award: Awarded to an individual or business that has generously contributed to arts and culture through grants, donations or other investments.
2. Cultural Ambassador: Awarded to an individual or business that has significantly contributed to Surrey’s arts and cultural community and raised the visibility of Surrey’s creative industry. May include exemplary work across disciplines (as an artist or administrator) as well as advocating for and promoting the value of arts and culture.
3. Legacy Award: Awarded for a rich and enlightening career in the arts. This individual or business may be celebrating a milestone anniversary or capping off a long career in the creative economy industry. Ultimately Surrey is more vibrant for their long-standing contributions.
4. Arts & Innovation Award: Awarded for originality, ingenuity, and resourcefulness within the creative sector (music, dance, visual art, literature). Open to individuals and businesses.


The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 12, 2017. Please provide information on a separate sheet that demonstrates the nominee’s accomplishments. This may include:

a) How Surrey has been positively impacted by this nominee
b) Number of people served
c) Performances, exhibits, commissions, fellowships
d) Previous awards and recognition
e) Proof of impact to Surrey
f) Testimonials
g) History of work/programs
h) Artistic and professional experiences/affiliations

Up to 5 pages will be accepted only. The Selection Panel places value on the quality of the nomination rather than the quantity of nominations received.

The ceremony will take place June 9, 2017. Submit your nominations to Melissa Peel at For more information, call 604.634.0341.

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