"This Panel Reflects a Rise for REVOLUTION": An Interview with South Asian Heritage Arts Advocate Nina Buddhdev



The Alliance's annual conference, REVOLUTION 2017, is coming up on June 8 – and if you haven't registered, now's the time! To give you a little taste of what to expect at REVOLUTION, we've conducted a little Q&A with one of our presenters, South Asian heritage arts advocate Nina Buddhdev. Among her many other accomplishments, Nina is the founder of the Bandish Network, a west coast platform for Canadian and visiting classical Indian artists, students, organizations and presenters, and the TriCity India Heritage Network, a community resource for south Asian interests and families in the Tri-City areas. Nina is the moderator of our feature panel, "Cultural Diversity in Artistic Practice."

Check out Nina's answers to our questions below, and register for REVOLUTION 2017 today!

How does your panel reflect the conference theme of REVOLUTION: Engaging Human Creativity?
This panel reflects a rise for revolution. It represents the need for evaluation and accountability of projects, as well as the need for systematic change to adequately champion diverse practices without a compromise in excellence and to truly celebrate the creative potential that resides in every community. 

What do you hope participants will take away from your panel, "Cultural Diversity in Artistic Practice"?
I wish for participants to take away a worthwhile exchange of perspectives and the motivation to continue the dialogue towards an action strategy. I wish for the participants to take away a sense of intentional leadership, to give their experience and expertise for a plan that upholds creative and diverse practices and serves as a positive social influence.

What inspires you about the members of your panel?
I am inspired by their dedication to their practice and their openness to share. I am awed by how they find new ways to engage young learners and create collectives that provide a sense of belonging, room for individuality and faith in human creativity. I respect their sincerity towards upholding their art forms far from any hidden agendas and without any resources provided (they often self-fund projects). I am moved by how they engage with other cultural artists based on cultural fellowship and without any measure of identity or judgment.

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