Read Candidates' Survey Responses on ArtsVote BC Website Now

Each election year, as part of the ArtsVote BC campaign, the Alliance surveys parties and political candidates across the province to ask their views on issues facing the creative sector in our society and in their respective communities. After a month of collecting responses from the candidates, there are over 70 responses available to read on the Candidates' Survey page of the ArtsVote BC website. 

We received responses from the major parties—the BC NDP, the BC Green Party, and the BC Liberals—as well as the Communist Party of BCYour Political Party of BC, and the BC Libertarian Party

Responses came in from numerous ridings across B.C., from Peace River to Saanich, and can be searched by electoral district

The candidates responded to questions about their stance on advocacy for the arts, growing the cultural sector, access to cultural and creative spaces, as well as how they personally engage with and are impacted by arts and culture. 

Advance voting for the provincial general election is open from today until May 6, and general voting day is May 9.  

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