City of Vancouver Releases Liquor Policy Review

The City of Vancouver has released its new liquor law policy review, which contains 32 recommendations. Among these are recommendations intended to "foster creativity, community connection and local economy policy that supports live performance venues, art and cultural events."

The review notes that "consultation showed public support for art galleries to be licenced but less support for other types of businesses (77 percent and 55 percent respectively on the random survey were either very supportive or somewhat supportive)." Pursuant to this, the City recommends that license applications be supported from arts-and-culture-based establishments such as art galleries and museums, including those for selling alcoholic drinks for profit during regular hours of business. (Recommendation #18)

Other recommendations relevant to arts and culture include the allowance of live entertainment in restaurants during all hours of liquor service (Recommendation #21), and amendment of the Non-alcoholic Dance Hall Policy to create more spaces for musicians and live performers to use for informal rehearsal and gathering spaces, and provide alternative entertainment to liquor-focused bars and clubs (Recommendation #22).

The full text of the review, including these and other recommendations, can be found here.

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