Festival and Event Management Masterclass Comes to Vancouver

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The Festival and Event Management Masterclass is a two-day program designed for anyone involved in creating, supporting or managing festivals and events. The class, which has been run in 20 countries worldwide, will take place in Vancouver at the BMO Theatre Centre on April 5 and 6.

About the Masterclass

The Course
The Festival and Event Management Masterclass is an intensive 2 day programme designed to inform and inspire anyone involved in the business of creating, managing and developing festivals and events. It is a highly practical course full of ideas and examples that participants can put into practice immediately to improve their events. It features sessions on key tasks and challenges for those involved in festivals both large and small including Marketing, Press, Programming, Evaluation, Sponsorship and Fundraising.

The Presenter
Paul Gudgin has been involved with the festival industry for 30 years working on a wide range of large-scale and smaller events including the Aldeburgh Festival, City of London Festival, Durham International Brass Festival and 8 years as the Director of the world’s largest arts festival, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Paul was the first recipient of the Arts and Business (Scotland) Award for Leadership, and has become widely regarded as a leading expert in the field of festival and event management.


Festivals and Great Festival Destinations
Understanding what makes outstanding festival destinations work and assessing how to make the most of your own festival environment

People and Partnerships
Looks at how effective festival organisations manage themselves, their relationships with stakeholders and collaborations with partners.

The key to the success of any festival is the strength of the programme. This session explores a number of successful programming approaches

Sponsorship and Fundraising
This session considers how to approach sponsors and explores other ways of generating much needed income.

Festivals, Tourism and Destination Branding
This sesion considers how festivals can play a crucial role in raising the profile of a destination.

Festival Marketing
This session examines a number of successful marketing approaches adopted by leading festivals

Venues and Festival Infrastructure
This session considers how to make the most of the venues available to your festival and the infrastructure required to run festivals successfully

Working with the Media
Every festival needs good press coverage and this session considers how best to achieve this aim.

Festivals - Impact and Evaluation
This session considers how festivals should look to maximise and evaluate their impact economically, socially and culturally.


For more information, and to register for the program, visit the event page

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