BC Government Increases Funding for International Presence Program

The following is excerpted from a release issued by the Province of British Columbia.

Delhi 2 Dublin perform at Electric Forest. | Image: B. Hockensmith Photography via Delhi 2 Dublin.

Delhi 2 Dublin perform at Electric Forest. | Image: B. Hockensmith Photography via Delhi 2 Dublin.

More British Columbia artists will have an opportunity to showcase their talents around the globe as a result of increased funding by the International Presence Program, Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, announced January 30.

The Province is increasing its investment in the program by $100,000 to $350,000.

"We want to share BC's amazing artistic talent with the world and attract top industry executives to our province," said Beare. "The International Presence Program gives us that opportunity, enabling BC artists to step onto the world stage and make important connections with industry representatives who can help them succeed."

Program grants are intended to heighten the global understanding and appreciation of British Columbia's arts, culture, creativity and innovation. BC artists are provided with funding to support developing relationships between BC's arts and culture sector and its international counterparts.

International Presence Program funding is awarded via three main streams:

  • Arts promotion, representation and exposure: Projects that expose B.C. artists to new markets and relationship-building opportunities, or improve promotional capacity.
  • Incoming presenters and curators: Projects that bring international presenters and curators to the province to increase their exposure to B.C. artists.
  • Artistic and cultural exchange: Projects that are based in reciprocal, long-term relationships and result in cultural and artistic exchange, or unique collaborative or strategic opportunities.

Funds for the BC government's International Presence Program are administered through the Arts Legacy Fund.

For more information about the International Presence Program, and to apply for grants, visit: http://ow.ly/sxdk3083Co5

Stay tuned for more information on BC arts funding when the provincial government releases its 2018 budget on February 20.

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