Eastside Culture Crawl Launches Artist Production Space Survey

The following is excerpted from a communication issued by the City of Vancouver.

Image: J. Ponto.

Image: J. Ponto.

The Eastside Culture Crawl Society is undertaking a timely survey on visual artist production space. The intent of the survey is to develop a comprehensive inventory (location, size, amenities, tenure, rent, trends, etc.) of historical and existing visual arts studio space within the Eastside Culture Crawl area, which encompasses the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona, Hastings Corridor, False Creek Flats, Grandview-Woodland, and Hastings-Sunrise.

All visual artists, who have, or have had a studio in this area, are encouraged to respond and participate in the survey. The organizers are trying to reach as many artists as possible, so please consider forwarding this information. All responses are strictly confidential.

This project was supported in part through the City's Cultural Infrastructure Grant Program, and will inform decision-making in respect to maintaining and further developing affordable, safe and secure artist production space.

You can take the survey online here.

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