BC Motion Picture Industry Launches Mental Health Initiative

The following is excerpted from a communication issued by ActSafe.

The Calltime Mental Health campaign has been developed to support BC motion picture workers and their families, reduce the stigma related to mental health and substance use concerns, and to ensure that BC motion picture workers are aware of the services and benefits available to them through their Union Health Benefit Plans and broader resources that are available to the public.

Calltime: Mental Health is an initiative created by British Columbia's motion picture industry unions, driven by their vision statement: 

We envision a future where motion picture industry workers come together as a Community of Care to help those with mental illness and substance abuse issues; a culture where everyone feels safe at work; and supported and empowered to ask for and offer help; where union staff and department managers and supervisors have access to training and resources to adequately address issues as they arise; and where impairment at work is seen as an occupational health and safety issue and is neither accepted nor condoned.

Calltimementalhealth.com provides mental health and addiction resources which are available through the British Columbia motion picture industry unions and guilds. Here, union members can find information for the appropriate organization for themselves, their friends and colleagues, and their family members.

The initiative also provides resources for:

  • General mental health
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Alcohol and addiction
  • Suicide
  • For youth and young adults
  • Canadian mental health resources

For more information, head to the Calltime Mental Health website.

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