Vancouver to Build First Centre for Music

Image: City of Vancouver.

Image: City of Vancouver.

Unlike many other large cities, Vancouver has never had a centre dedicated to music creation, education and performance. That changed last week when the City of Vancouver approved the redevelopment plans for the Plaza of Nations, which includes a large music presentation centre in a high-visibility area of the development. 

The BC Alliance, along with many in the creative community, voiced support for the centre, which will offer an affordable and accessible space for musicians to create and perform, and is likely to feature two performance venues, one for 325 attendees, the other for 150 attendees. The centre is the result of years of research and lobbying by Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society.

It was a good week for music in Vancouver. On July 12, the City of Vancouver approved $400,000 in funding for the music community, “recognizing the critical role music plays in the social and economic development of Vancouver.” The City has also approved four recommendations to support a wide variety of small to large-scale outdoor events.

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