Explore New Worlds in Virtual Reality at Our Newest #DigitalLadders Salon

Vincent McCurley.

Vincent McCurley.

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting new avenues of digital technology, creating endless opportunities to showcase your art and better serve your audiences in innovative, exciting ways. Join the BC Alliance on February 5 as VR pro Vincent McCurley walks us through Virtual Reality for the Arts.


Virtual Reality for the Arts
February 5 @ 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Where: BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, 100-938 Howe St., Vancouver
Registration: To register for this and other Digital Ladders Salons, visit our Salons page.


Discover how artists and art organizations are integrating virtual reality (VR) into their existing practices to plan, create, enhance, exhibit and archive their works. Through 360 video, allow your audiences to attend or relive your performances as if they were in the auditorium. Reach a global audience by holding your live events in virtual reality chat rooms. Pre-visualize your sculpture, installation, or architecture by using 6-DOF VR to get a sense of scale and timing before production. Join Vincent McCurley as he explores the use of VR as a tool enabling non-technical artists to create immersive experiences.


Vincent McCurley is a Creative Technologist at the National Film Board of Canada's Digital Studio in Vancouver, which creates socially relevant digital works that explore the creative application of technology and platform to story and form. His work in virtual reality includes the award-winning interactive VR vignette Cardboard Crash as well as several 360 video productions. Vincent leads the NFB Virtual Reality Lab in exploring the storytelling possibilities of mixed reality.

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