So What Exactly is Cultural Democracy?

BC Alliance executive director Brenda Leadlay recently guest-authored a blog post for the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres on how emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility can lead to a more democratic, culturally enriched society:

“The things we create and provide – theatre, symphony, opera, dance, museums, art galleries – are not available to people who can’t afford them.  We are seen as elitist when compared to the outputs of the creative industry – music, film, interactive digital media and literature – any of which you can enjoy in the comfort of your living room.

So what can we do about it?

We can be more inclusive. We can start to acknowledge that everyone is creative, not just those who are paid for it. And we can start to work more collaboratively with other sectors, including our own. We can break down the barriers between professional and community artists, we can work with educators, health care providers, and champions of social justice.  If we can look beyond our own struggle for survival, we will see that we have much to contribute to a happier, healthier society.”

To read the full blog, which includes a suggested resource, click here.

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