Sign This Petition to Support the Indigenous Theatre Program at the National Arts Centre

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In a recent edition of our newsletter, we urged you to react to the lack of federal funding for the National Arts Centre's Indigenous Theatre by sending letters to Minister Pablo Rodríguez stressing the importance of this vital program.

Since then, our colleagues at the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance have circulated a petition addressed to Minister Rodríguez, Carolyn Bennett (Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. "Our Stories are Medicine: the driving theme behind the programming that offers a diversity of work featuring a diversity of languages and cultures, that celebrates the strength, beauty and resilience of Indigenous women," the petition reads in part. It goes on to stress: "We deserve more than a financial band-aid, given the nature of ongoing, systematic denial of rights and the legacy of colonialism on our territories and in our everyday lives."

We urge to all of our friends, members and supporters to read and sign the petition here. Let's send a clear message about the importance of elevating Indigenous stories.

In related news: on April 30, the NAC Indigenous Theatre announced its inaugural season. You can watch that announcement here.

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