Canadian Arts Orgs Make Salary Disclosure Mandatory in Job Listings

The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) have both made salary disclosures mandatory on their job listings, echoing a measure put in place by the BC Alliance in 2017.

PACT announced the change to their Artsboard on July 16 in a post entitled “Salary Information Becoming Mandatory on Artsboard,” which reads, in part:

Our decision follows a similar requirement that the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture has had in place since late 2017. Most employers using Artsboard are already including numerical information in their postings, and we consider it a best practice that:

  • Respects the time and effort that job-seekers put into applying for positions

  • Ensures that employers are seeing candidates who are able to take the compensation on offer

  • Helps fight the gender wage gap and support equity-seeking workers in our sector

  • Starts off the potential employment relationship from a place of openness and trust

This week, TAPA posted a similar notice, mentioning the BC Alliance and PACT as factors in its decision.

The BC Alliance congratulates PACT and TAPA on taking this important step toward fairness for job-seekers in the arts, culture and heritage sectors!

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