Vancouver City Council Passes Culture|Shift Cultural Plan


Vancouver City Council has approved Culture|Shift: Blanketing the City in Arts and Culture; Vancouver Culture Plan for 2020-2029, the new overarching 10-year cultural plan prioritizes affordable and accessible spaces, cultural equity, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization.

Culture|Shift aims to create new cultural spaces and 400 units of artist housing over the next ten years. It also calls for a music task force, the development of Indigenous grant programs and additional opportunities for Indigenous arts and culture.

"I am thrilled that city council and mayor have approved the new plan," says BC Alliance executive director Brenda Leadlay. "The report is visionary in that it puts the creative potential of its citizens at the very heart of city building, acknowledging the contribution that the arts make to the sustainability, health and well-being of the city. I hope that the City will continue to increase its investment in the arts to ensure that the plan is achievable."

The full report can be found here. Thanks to everyone who came together to prioritize arts and culture in Vancouver.

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