Actsafe Announces Selection of New Executive Director

Geoff Teoli has been selected as Actsafe's new Executive Director, effective September 23, 2013.

Teoli has worked in film location and production management for eighteen years, as a freelance location and production unit manager for major Canadian and US studios and networks such as Warner Bros., MGM, Sony Pictures, Miramax, NBC Universal, Fox Television, ABC Television, Disney and CBC Television.

His roles included strategic planning through to logistics, safety and risk assessments, and outreach. Most recently, Teoli held the role of Film Coordinator and Consultant in the City of Vancouver’s Film and Special Events Office. He has volunteered in the performing arts including public relations for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

"Since its start, I have watched Actsafe grow to be an invaluable resource to British Columbia’s entertainment industries," said Teoli. "I am very excited to now be asked to lead the organization as it moves into a new phase of increased collaboration with our stakeholders and continued delivery of innovative safety solutions to the industries we represent."

Actsafe partners with BC’s entertainment industries to keep workers safe. Actsafe is where people in the industry connect with others who share their safety concerns. The organization is governed by the industries it represents, operating through two standing committees that represent the motion picture and performing arts communities respectively. Membership in these committees includes both employer and worker representatives.


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