Artist Live/Work Studio Award Winners

The Artist Live/Work Studio program is a critical part of the City's efforts to enhance spaces conducive to artists and their work.

The City of Vancouver awards studios where artists can live and work, supporting them for an extended term of concentrated artistic activity.

All four live/work studios are awarded through a peer review process:

  • One studio is provided rent free for a period of three years less two weeks.
  • Three additional studios are offered for a below-market rent of $375/month for a period of three years less two weeks.

Congratulations to the 2012 - 2015 award winners!

Amiel Gladstone, Playwright / Stage Director
Amiel Gladstone is a playwright and director of theatre and opera. Most recently, he directed:
    •    Craigslist Cantata at the Arts Club / PuSh Fest
    •    Hansel and Gretel (which he also adapted the libretto) for Vancouver Opera in Schools
    •    This for the Vancouver Playhouse
    •    100% Vancouver for Theatre Replacement / PuSh Festival
    •    100% Vancouver for Theatre Replacement / PuSh Festival
    •    Upcoming: Tosca for Pacific Opera Victoria, and Extraction for Theatre Conspiracy at the Cultch.

Kelly Lycan, Visual Artist
Kelly Lycan is an installation and photo based artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and her Master of Fine Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Currently the main focus of her practice has been the way that objects are valued, devalued, and revalued-dependent upon their place of display. Critical examination of consumer culture and its relationship to contemporary art practices is also relevant to Lycan’s practice. She is interested in investigating the linkage of market culture and visual culture. How is value created? How are material and objects used in the formation of identities and ideologies, what form do they take in the consumer and personal world?

Lycan has exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada and the US. She is also a member of Instant Coffee, a service-oriented artist collective that builds social structures, where ideas, materials and actions are explored. Instant Coffee has exhibited in Canada, South America, Europe, and the USA.

Elizabeth Zvonar, Visual Artist
Elizabeth Zvonar is an artist who makes sculpture and collage. She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. Elizabeth completed a BFA in Visual Art from Emily Carr University in 2002.

Sarah Shamash, Media Artist
Sarah Shamash is a media artist working in documentary, film, installation, video, web, and mobile media. Born in Vancouver, Shamash completed a BA in Film Production at UBC. She moved to Paris in 2001, where she lived, worked and studied for five years. She completed an MA in Cinema, and an MFA in Fine Arts at Paris VIII, University of Saint Denis. In Paris, she began exhibiting her work in art venues and at film festivals, while pursuing her creative production at artist residencies in Vancouver, Toronto, Salvador, Banff, and Sao Paulo.

Informed by cinema, her current work engages socio and psycho geographies through the exploration of specific places, people and mapping strategies that convey personal and experiential knowledge through everyday life.

Jury members
Thank you the jury members for their thoughtful and enthusiastic participation:
    •    Michelle Allard, Visual Artist, 2009 – 2012 Award Studio Recipient
    •    Malcolm Levy, Curator, New Forms Festival
    •    Sherry Yoon, Artistic Director, Boca del Lupo

For more information about the program, visit the awards page and Incubating Talent: Artist Live/Work Studio Program.

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