Arts 308: Engage With Your MPs

Because of the prorogation of Parliament, Arts Day on the Hill has been replaced by Arts 308, a campaign launched by the Canadian Arts Coalition to talk to Members of Parliament in all 308 ridings across the country about the value of the arts and the importance of investment in the arts to the economic, cultural, and social health of the country.

You can get involved by:

The Canadian Arts Coalition has all the tools you need on their website:

Arts advocates are encouraged to arrange meetings with their MPs between now and the Christmas holidays, because this is when most budget decisions are made. The recess week of November 11 presents an opportunity for meetings with MPs in their ridings. If scheduling a meeting before the end of the year isn’t manageable, meetings prior to March, when the budget is released, would also be helpful. 

Two training webinars will be held for advocates who would like to learn more about getting involved in Arts 308. The English training webinar is on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PST. The French training webinar takes place Thursday, November 5. If you cannot attend a webinar, the Coalition has produced training videos that can be viewed online.

You are encouraged to register your participation in Arts 308 to help the coalition keep track of which MPs are being approached. When you register, they can let you know if other people in your riding are also participating in Arts 308 and send you notes on any past meetings coalition members have had with your MP about the arts.


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