Arts & Culture Grants from Vancouver Foundation - New Guidelines

The follwing is a major funding policy guidelines announcement from the Vancouver Foundation. 

Dear Arts and Culture Partner:

At Vancouver Foundation we recognize that communities are complex and that many factors go into creating a healthy and vibrant place for all to live. That's why we take a very broad view of our community and it's why we fund a wide variety of programs and projects. With our donors and partners, we provide funding for a number of fields of interest including Arts & Culture.  

We are currently accepting grant applicants for Art & Culture projects for 2011. Our deadline for the Letter of Intent is January 19, 2011.

In order to bring clarity and focus to Arts and Culture granting, Vancouver Foundation’s Arts and Culture Advisory Committee has recently revised our Arts and Culture granting guidelines.

New to the upcoming 2011 granting cycle is the addition of ‘Arts & Culture Granting Principles’ and ‘2011 Funding Priorities’, as outlined below:

Arts & Culture Guiding Principles

  • Artistic Intention – Artistic rigor and excellence, with a clear vision; the ability to carry out the project as planned
  • Creativity & Growth – Innovation and exploring new possibilities
  • Diversity of Conception & Participation – Inclusivity of different cultures, peoples, experiences, practices, and world views

Arts & Culture 2011 Funding Priorities

  • Collaboration – Inter-disciplines and cross-fertilization
  • Growth & Development - Organizational Growth and Professional Development
  • Geographic & Regional – Organizations serving communities throughout the province with emphasis on regional collaborations

For the full overview of Vancouver Foundation’s criteria, guidelines and priorities for the Arts & Culture field, please go to this link:

Letter of Intent Deadline for Arts & Culture: January 19, 2011

For more information on the deadlines:

To apply, please visit:

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