Business Skills for Emerging Artists

Are you an emerging self-employed artist worrying about how to practice your art and make a living at the same time? The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) has affordable and invaluable new tools available that can make the difference between success and disappointment in a career as a self-employed artist.

Release of career guides with advice and counsel for emerging artists

The CHRC has released updated career guides with discipline enhancements as part of The Art of Managing Your Career, a resource developed developed by artists and cultural workers to provide emerging self-employed artists and cultural workers with pertinent and practical information to better manage their careers.

Updates include revisions of the 2007 versions of the discipline enhancements for Craft, Dance, Digital Media Content Creation, Film, Music, Theatre, Writing and Visual Arts. Contributing writers to the guides are seasoned professionals in their fields, each with a strong commitment to and passion for their art form. They provide reality checks for young artists breaking into their respective fields, along with the best advice and counsel possible in order to be successful.

Revisions include updates to websites and points on how new digital technologies are influencing the ways to manage a career in each discipline.

These guides are available free of charge to CHRC members; and are for sale, along with the The Art of Managing Your Career guide at a nominal price. There is also an attractive licensing price to encourage educators in the arts to incorporate them into their curriculum and classrooms. 

CHRC members can download for free by clicking here
Non-members can purchase the pdf package here.  

Release of The Art of Managing Your Career through 5 e-learning courses

CHRC is pleased and proud to launch e-learning courses based on the five chapters in its best-selling guide for self-employed artists:

Course 1: The Culture Biz
Course 2: The Art of Self-Promotion
Course 3: The A to Z of Project Management
Course 4: Money - Keeping Track
Course 5: You and the Law

Take advantage of this new learning tool to perfect your business skills, and give your chosen career as a self-employed artist or cultural worker the boost it needs to be financially as well as artistically successful!

Click here to find out more and get access to the courses. 

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is a not-for-profit organization committed to strengthening the Canadian cultural workforce by providing leadership and innovative solutions to human resource issues and to better the HR environment within the cultural sector.

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