Call For Vancouver Sun Op-Eds

The Vancouver Sun is introducing a new series of op-eds with cultural themes starting in September, and is issuing an invitation for submissions from the community.

This comes as part of a larger restructuring of the Arts and Life sections in the Vancouver Sun, which will bring some valuable new perspectives to our pages.

Our topic range is broad – from the arts and artistic practices and trends, to cultural policy and broader issues, to observations about the way we live, especially quirks that are unique to us here on the west coast. The topic you focus on will naturally be determined by your area of expertise and your unique point of view.

Submissions are invited from artists and leaders of arts organizations, analysts, academics and experts, and even members of the public with a compelling point of view. This initiative is all about strengthening the Vancouver Sun’s role as a shared platform where a multitude of voices in our community can be heard.

Lastly, these are opinion pieces, not news reports. Factual references must of course be accurate, but in these op-eds, a spirited tone and a decisive position are encouraged. However, they are not promotional pieces intended to advance a business agenda, so contributors are asked to keep it focused on broad issues rather than discussing their own activities.
Some topic examples:

  • Does music in schools matter?
  • Lessons we can learn from Olympians;
  • What is our responsibility to the elderly neighbor next door?
  • In defense of cars and drivers (or cyclists and pedestrians);
  • Must traditional art forms adapt or remain consistent in order to survive;
  • The effects of the Facebook age on our sense of personal privacy and authenticity.

Each op-ed must be 600 words in length and be accompanied by a photo (either a head shot of a photo taken by Vancouver Sun staff photographers.)

Please contact Maggie Langrick directly with a topic pitch if this is something you would like to contribute to.

Contact details:
Arts and Life editor
The Vancouver Sun
Suite 1 – 200 Granville St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3N3
Office:  604.605.2101
Twitter: @maggielangrick

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