Canadian Arts Coalition: "Budget 2011 a Missed Opportunity for Arts and Culture"

Ottawa, Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 –

Representatives of the Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC), a united national movement of artists,
cultural workers, business leaders and volunteers, expressed disappointment with the content of
yesterday’s federal budget.

“Budget 2011 was clearly focused on strengthening the economy and re-building Canada’s
international presence,” noted CAC spokesperson Shannon Litzenberger. “Given these
priorities, we believe that the Government of Canada missed the opportunity to build on the
strengths of the arts sector to boost job creation, the vitality of communities across the
country, and Canada’s international reputation through strategic arts investment.”

“We agree that the economy and Canada’s international standing are important, and that is why
the Coalition has been advocating for increased investment in the arts through the Canada
Council for the Arts and a renewed commitment to international market access and market
development for Canada’s outstanding artists and arts organizations,” said CAC co-chair, Éric
Dubeau. “We recognize that the Government has made certain commitments to arts and
culture through such initiatives as the Children’s Arts Tax Credit and re-investments in the
Canada Periodical Fund, the Canada Media Fund and the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation. However, we do not believe that Budget 2011 truly capitalizes on the domestic
and international contributions that Canada’s arts and culture sector is so well positioned to

“In summary,” concluded Litzenberger, “we are disappointed at this missed opportunity.”
The Canadian Arts Coalition is Canada’s largest ever group of artists, business leaders and
volunteers assembled from across the country. We are united in the knowledge that greater
public investment in the arts is essential to Canada’s future, and we believe that the high quality
of life, for which Canada is known, depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage

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