Capilano University Arts Programs Face Cuts

Capilano University administrators recently announced plans to suspend several programs to eliminate a $1.3-million budget deficit.

On Friday, the university announced background information on its 2013-14 budget recommendations to eliminate the projected shortfall.

The university's statement online reads, "Rather than do across-the-board cuts, which affect quality for every student, we are suspending intakes in some programs and reducing classes in some areas. There will also be no increase to services, staffing, and equipment and some capital projects will be suspended."

"We will continue to ensure access for students already in programs at Capilano University and will ensure timely progress to program completion. We are also maintaining services to support student success."

Programs and courses that may be affected by proposed cuts include those within the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts as follows:

  • Suspension of admission for Fall 2013/14 to the Studio Art Diploma, Textile Arts Diploma, and Interactive Design Diploma for the 2013/14 academic year
  • Suspension of post diploma programs in Advanced Ceramics, Art Institute Certificate, and Guided Imagery in Music Certificate
  • Suspension of short & summer courses in Design and Film & Animation 

The news broke on Facebook yesterday (April 25) through the Studio Art and Textile Art Eviction from Capilano University page. 

Students are protesting on campus and have launched an online petition calling on university administration to reconsider the proposed changes to the Studio Arts and Textile Arts Programs, and over 1,600 people had signed as of Friday afternoon. 

"We understand government cut backs, and we believe that eliminating arts programming is not the solution," the petition reads. "Art production and creativity permeate this campus. Imagine no art at Capilano University." 

The petition states that the Studio Art and Textile Arts programs provide a unique experience that is difficult to find at any other Vancouver institution; Capilano University offers specialized facilities such as a bronze foundry and digital loom that are rare in Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Show your support for Arts Education in British Columbia and in Canada this Saturday by attending the Capilano University's Studio Art Grad Show this Saturday, April 27 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the Studio Art Building, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. 

The institution is required under the University Act to deliver a balanced budget. Capilano University's Board of Governors will make a decision on May 14 regarding the budget recommendations.

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