CCPA Students Fight for their Futures - performance tomorrow!

VICTORIA – Students of the Canadian College of Performing Arts are presenting “Grey”, an original work based on a society living through an arts prohibition. This play is intended to bring awareness to the impending risk of 92% cuts in arts funding, and to encourage support of reinvesting in the arts.

"Grey" was written and created by Year II students, inspired by the rallies and protests that occurred as a result of the recent proposed cuts to arts by the Province of British Columbia.

“As the future artists of our nation, we have created a work that shows how necessary art is to society and how creativity and imagination cannot be suppressed,” said CCPA student Ruth Midgley. “This is our form of protest, our version of a rally. Art is speaking out for itself”.

The students are performing “Grey” at 8pm on Tuesday, December 1st 2009 at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, 1701 Elgin Road. Everyone of every age is welcome and encouraged to bring a politician, community leader or business person. Visual and performance artists and all who appreciate art in any form will be inspired by this extraordinary one-hour performance.

Admission is free.                                             

CCPA is one of Canada’s leading arts training institutions. Located in the heart of Oak Bay, the College focuses on training many of the top theatre performers of the next generation. <

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