CHRC Releases Resources For Film & TV Industry

CHRC has announced the release of “Production Accounting 101” - resources for purchases by trainers who want to offer workshops or in depth courses on production accounting in the film and television industry.

These resources can be directed to accountants wanting to get into the film and television industry and to those already in the industry who want to get to the heart of it through accounting.

“Production Accounting 101” includes a course syllabus and Instructor’s Guide developed by Charles Zamaria for CHRC in 2009: Produ ction Accounting for Film, Television and Digital Media.

The package also includes the presentation materials based on the Syllabus that were developed and delivered by industry expert John Gaskin, in workshops piloted with WIFT in Toronto and with RFAVQ in Montreal.

Order “Production Accounting 101” from the CHRC website.


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