Direct Access grants

There is a great deal of uncertainty around the Direct Access grants managed by the Gaming, Policy and Enforcement branch.  As was reported by the Vancouver Sun and the Georgia Straight, the Province has frozen those funds and is currently undergoing a review of the program.

We have just spoken with Derek Sturko, the Assistant Deputy Minister and General Manager, and he informed us that the process should be finished in the next few weeks, since the budget will be tabled in early September. He could not say what the status of the review is, or whether organizations will be receiving grants now or in the future. Unfortunately, this puts us in a bit of a wait-and-see situation.

If people want to send a letter voicing their concern, we suggest that they address it to your MLA, Minister Coleman (Minister of Housing and Social Development), and cc it to Minister Krueger (Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts), Minister Hansen (Finance Minister), and the Premier. Staff are under strict instructions not to comment on the issue, so calling the branch won't help. We know how much everyone depends on these grants (we depend on them too!) and are as concerned as everyone else that they may be imperiled.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and report back to you once we know more.

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