Funding Increase To BC's Community Presenters Assistance Program

April 5, 2013 - The BC Touring Council, which administers BC Arts Council’s Community Presenters Assistance program, is pleased to announce a significant funding-level increase in the 2013-14 presenting season.

In the words of Stan Hamilton, Chair of the BC Arts Council“The BC Arts Council is pleased to be receiving a record level of funding for 2013-14. This investment will enable council to expand its support for the Community Presenters Assistance program, delivered in partnership with the BC Touring Council. We are proud to increase support for B.C. presenters, who bring the excellent work of our touring artists to communities across the province.”

The overall level of awards money in the program has been increased to $331,500 (from $230,000 in the past fiscal year).

1. Maximum level of award per application has increased to:

- Key Presenter: $15,000 (it was $10,000 in 2012 / $7,000 in 2011)
- Community Presenter: $10,000 (it was $6,000 in 2012 / $4,500 in 2011)
- Diverse Collaborations remains at the same level of $5,000 however, in a case where a Key or Community Presenter wishes to also apply for Diverse Collaborations, they will be eligible for the full $5,000 in addition to their main category award.

2. Significant change in the funding level is the maximum amount eligible for artist fee which increases to $4,000 (from $2,000) per artist/company. This will facilitate the support of a broader, more diverse level of performances in many disciplines and address the rising artist fees.

The Guidelines for the program will remain the same. Only the areas around maximum award levels and the eligible amount for artist fees will change. Read more

Canadian Arts Presenting Association, CAPACOA responded to the announcement on Friday: "In the context of fiscal restraint recently highlighted in the Canadian Conference of the Arts' Analy­ses of the Provin­cial and Ter­ri­to­r­ial 2012–13 Bud­gets, this is excellent news. It is also strong policy statement that confirms the value of performing arts touring and presenting as a public instrument in community development."

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