Group RSP Available to Alliance Members

Now is a great time to consider signing up for a group RSP savings plan through the Alliance and NEI Investments. We're looking to the future, and we hope you’ll look with us! 

We strongly encourage employers to consider a group RSP for your staff. So often cultural workers earn relatively modest wages, leaving little or no room for savings, and although the future and retirement may seem far off, RSPs become critical for those without a pension plan.

The plan we offer with our partners NEI (Northwest and Ethical Investments) is a full dual family of mutual funds. It is comprised of Northwest & Ethical Funds, two separate but related fund families. We know that as members of the arts community many of you will be interested in NEI’s Ethical Funds. The funds have an extensive research and engagement process with every corporation they invest in, to monitor on environmental issues, governance, and corporate responsibility. The other family of funds, Northwest Funds, is influenced by these processes but has more flexibility in its mandate. Each individual employee or Alliance individual may choose from either of the many diverse funds found in each of these fund families. Access to the group plan is available to Alliance member companies and individual members of the Alliance.  

Our group RSP is easy to initiate, and our representative Donna Peerless will work with you to get your plan started. We're certain the NEI family will suit our membership with its positioning of funds. The NEI Group RSP department’s offices are also located in Vancouver, which increases communication and heightens responsiveness. We're enjoying working with NEI in every way.  

Learn more about NEI Investments here: 

Best wishes in your Group RSP planning!

For more information contact Donna Peerless at 604.261.1784 or


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