Hill Strategies Research on the Situation of Artists in Canada

Arts Research Monitor, Vol. 13 No. 7

In this issue of Hill Strategies' Arts Research Monitor: Summaries of five reports on the situation of artists in Canada, including three reports containing national, provincial, territorial, and local data on all types of artists, as well as two reports on visual artists.

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A Statistical Profile of Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada

Based on the 2011 National Household Survey and the Labour Force Survey
Hill Strategies Research Inc., October 2014
Author: Kelly Hill 

This report examines the situation of artists and cultural workers in Canada. In Canada, there are 136,600 people who work as artists more than at any other occupation, a figure that is “slightly larger than the labour force in automotive manufacturing (133,000)”. As noted in the national report, “one in every 129 Canadian workers is an artist”.

Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada’s Provinces and Territories / in Canadian Municipalities

Based on the 2011 National Household Survey and the Labour Force Survey
Hill Strategies Research Inc., October and December 2014 

These two reports from Hill Strategies examine the situation of artists and cultural workers in Canadian provinces, territories, and municipalities. This summary provides brief highlights of the data on artists and cultural workers organized by province and territory.

A Statistical Portrait of Quebec Visual Artists

(Les artistes en arts visuels québécois : un aperçu statistique)
Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec, Optique culture no 23, May 2013
Author: Christine Routhier 

This brief report examines the situation of the estimated 3,632 visual artists in Quebec. The report estimates that 60% of Quebec visual artists are women and only 12% are under 35 years of age (compared with 37% of the overall Quebec labour force). The average personal income (from all sources) of all Quebec visual artists is $35,400. The average is much lower for women ($27,600) than men ($40,900). Fifty-seven percent of Quebec visual artists have total individual incomes below $30,000, with a higher percentage among women (64%) and artists under 35 (66%).

Waging Culture

A Report on the Socio-Economic Status of Canadian Visual Artists
Art Gallery of York University, 2014
Author: Michael Maranda 

This series of brief web articles aims to depict “the socio-economic conditions faced by Canadian resident professional visual artists” in 2012, with specific articles on ethnicity, sex, and gallery representation. The survey found that nearly one-half of Canadian visual artists lost money on their artistic practice in 2012 (47%). The average personal income of visual artists was $29,300, the largest portions of which came from art-related employment (average of $19,200) and non-art-related employment (average of $5,700). After adjusting for inflation, the overall average income in 2012 was 6% higher than the 2007 level ($27,600).

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