Culture Days Coming Up Fast!

The second annual Canada-wide Culture Days are coming up fast ... September 30 and October 1 & 2.

It's not too late to register to participate, and there is a wealth of feature initiatives and support tools that local event organizers can access.



There is still time to get involved. Visit the Culture Days registration page for more information for community event organizers.



As more and more activity organizers are starting to plan out their promotional initiatives, Culture Days is rolling out more, FREE promotional and marketing tools, and presenting two FREE Tele-Info sessions dedicated to self-promotion.

Click on the following links to download:

  • PR Toolkit filled with useful information and tips about how you can get the word out about your activity to local media. From crafting key messages and creating a media list, to pitching your story and turning your activity into a media event, this guide outlines how to go about all of these initiatives and includes sample templates.



There will be one more FREE Tele-Info Session dedicated to Self-Promotion:  

  • Tuesday, September 13 @ 2pm ET - LAST CALL open to all inquiries

To reserve your spot, click here.

Check out this blog post summarizing a previous Info Session dedicated to Self-Promotion.



"In Conversation" Video Series, Presented by Culture Days' National Broadcast Partner CBC showcases leaders in the Canadian arts and culture sector and the organizations they represent.

Highlighting the important role these organizations play in further galvanizing the relationship between arts and culture and the Canadian public, the series reveals the many and diverse ways in which Culture Days is helping to foster and grow this connection.

Visit the Culture Days YouTube site to what's been upload so far.



Many Culture Days activity organizers have already begun using the Bright Spots Schedule

This on-line scheduling tool can be used to create a customized schedule of activities happening over the Culture Days event weekend. Activity organizers can use the Bright Spots Schedule to create a program guide highlighting activities happening in one particular location or community, and members of the public can use the tool to plan their Culture Days weekend by creating a personalized schedule.



Create a Hub Collaborate with other organizers in your neighbourhood. Type your postal code into the “Search Activity” field on the Culture Days web site to discover those who are organizing activities in your area. Get in touch with them to see how you can create “hubs” by sharing venue space, resources, responsibilities, volunteers, promotional outreach…etc. By offering more than one activity in one location, you’re more likely to attract more people to your activity.
Spread the word: Tell everyone you know about your activity. Send emails to friends, family, co-workers, any networks you belong to. Talk about and talk up your activity whenever you have a chance. If you’re a member of a club or group, let them know about your activity. The more people who know about your activity, the better; and there’s no better way than by word of mouth!
Reach out to those around you: Use the Culture Days marketing items to publicize your activity. Attach the Culture Days e-flyer in the emails you send out to your contacts about your activity; add the web banners and badges to your blog or web site; create and print up the customizable flyers and posters and place them in your neighbourhood: at the library, the grocery store, cafes, the corner store,…etc.  – wherever people gather and wherever you can leave some flyers or put up posters.
Use Social Media: Use social media tools to spread the word about your activity. Use the link to your activity page (the web address that appears at the top of your activity page on the Culture Days web site) and Tweet it; post it to Facebook, blog about it; create a Facebook Event and invite all your friends. And don’t forget to use the Culture Days social media channels as well – these tools are all free and have the potential to reach a huge number or people!
By employing any of the above suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to generating awareness and excitement about your activity and well on your way to a successful Culture Days weekend!



On September 30th, BC will kick-off Culture Days with a day of activities and events in the CBC Plaza in downtown Vancouver.

Volunteers are needed to help host the Culture Days information tent, where they will engage and inform the public about Culture Days activities offered all weekend. Volunteers will answer basic questions about Culture Days in BC under the direction of National Culture Days office staff.

No experience is required and all relevant information will be provided.

To book your shift or for more information please contact Bev Edgecombe of the Alliance for Arts and Culture at with "Culture Days Volunteer" in the subject lined.


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