News: The Faces of BC Arts Cuts from the Wrecking Ball

These photos were taken by The Social Utilities in response to the BC Arts Cuts. 

The Social Utilities are: Caroline Liffman, Tanya Podlozniuk, Gina Readman, Aliya Griffin, Caroline Sniatynski and Adrienne Wong.  The photos were taken on November 23 at the Wrecking Ball. 

Take a look at the whole series in this slideshow.

The Face of the Arts idea began in Golden, BC this fall, and has been seen there, on Gabriola Island, and at the Wrecking Ball in Vancouver.

Here is a call-to-action from the Kicking Horse Culture advocacy page:

What you can do

Invite to communities and arts orgs all around the province ...

All you need is a white board and a digital camera and a Flickr account via Yahoo (it's free).

1. Take the photos at your events. Our audience loved it!

2. Export the images from your camera into your photo software program... we're using iPhoto.

3. iPhoto links directly to Flickr. With other software, just follow Flickr's FAQ to upload.

4. That's it! May we suggest thay you name your Flickr account "Face of the arts in (your town name here) BC".  That way, when one does a search in Flickr, it will be very evident how many communities have joined in.

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