NEWS: SHAPE Gets A New Name & New Look

After 12 years of leadership in health and safety educational programs for BC’s performing arts and motion picture communities, SHAPE (Safety and Health in Arts Production and Entertainment) is getting a new look and new name.

“Our community looks for clarity and directness when they have health and safety concerns,” says general manager
Dawn Brennan. “The name Actsafe has that clarity.”

In an industry that considers jumping from helicopters, using firearms on set or performing aerial dance all part of a normal day’s work, safety precautions are understandably essential. The special work circumstances of the industry led to the creation of SHAPE in 1998, and the organization has since developed a wide range of materials and resources for industry specific safety concerns.

But awareness is key to safety, and SHAPE was running up against a problem of confusion related to its name.

“Just as safety in the workplace depends on teamwork, so does the success of this organization,” says Brennan. “A change in our name and look makes our mandate and outreach more clear and effective, and that’s teamwork to us. Our name is an important aspect of how we create and support a culture that values safety and health.”

Actsafe will continue to provide industry professionals with the popular programs developed with the community, such as the Safety Passport System, occupational first aid training, stunt guidelines and musculoskeletal Injury prevention for dancers and musicians. Actsafe will continue to develop resources and respond to the needs of its community.

The new Actsafe website can be found at

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