NEWS: Simon Robinson Appointed Executive Director at Maritime Museum

Craig Beattie, MD, president of the board of trustees of the Vancouver Maritime Museum announced the appointment of Simon Robinson as executive director, effective April 6, 2010.

The cancellation of the National Maritime Centre project in North Vancouver marks a turning point for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The Museum will now move forward with a process to renew and invigorate its exhibits, programs and activities in its existing location at Vanier Park. Dr Craig Beattie said, “We have begun the renewal process with the hiring of Simon Robinson as the Museum’s new executive director. The board of trustees believes that Simon is the right person at the right time as we plan for our future.” Dr Beattie also said, “We are pleased and fortunate to have Simon Robinson assume this leadership role; his experience will prove invaluable to our Museum.”

Simon Robinson is responsible for all aspects of Maritime Museum operations; fundraising, programming, and collections and is an ex officio member of the Museum’s board of trustees. He will build on the Museum’s strength to draw local, national and international visitors from educational, maritime and tourism audiences.

Simon was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours from the Chelsea School of Art in London and has earned many distinctions over the years. Simon conceived, designed and built a museum of piracy in the Bahamas and from 2001 to 2004 served as chief executive officer of First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Council, a provincial crown corporation and as executive director of First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation. During the past year, Simon has taken time to pursue personal writing projects.

Simon is proud of his achievements and looks forward to bringing his skills, hard work and passion to the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Simon has a love of museums, especially maritime museums and as the Museum’s new executive director, will blend his know-how, creativity, passion for history and quality visitor experiences with his very strong entrepreneurial instinct.




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