Our October Cultural Passport Winner!

The winner of this month’s Alliance Cultural Passport package of arts and culture treats is Karen Jamieson Dance Company. Using both creation and performance, Karen Jamieson uncovers a mythic, poetic language through dance; believing the power of contemporary dance transcends cultures, languages, histories and traditions by connecting us all at a very primal level.

Karen Jamieson and The Carnegie Dance Troupe perform CONNECT at the Heart of the City Festival, October 28. Further details on the Heart of the City Festival website.

Their Cultural Passport package includes:

  • One-time complimentary Family Pass to the Museum of Vancouver
  • VAG Household Membership ($120)
  • Geist Magazine one-year subscription ($50)
  • One-year subscription to BC BookWorld ($25)
  • A copy of A Verse Map of Vancouver ($45)
  • $50 towards a web listing on art-bc.com

At the beginning of each month the Alliance for Arts and Culture conducts a draw for an Alliance Cultural Passport package of tickets, subscriptions and other items designed to help arts community members cross-promote their events and activities and get to know one another better.

Entered in each month’s draw is every individual and each organization that has purchased or renewed an Alliance membership during the preceding month.

The next draw will take place Monday, November 5.

We thank our donors and supporters for making the Alliance Cultural Passport an exciting opportunity to introduce Alliance members to arts community activities beyond their own disciplines.

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