Philosphers' Cafe: Does Art Matter?

The SFU sponsored Philosophers' Café will tackle the questions “does art matter?” and “if so, how much, and what would our world be like without it?”

The discussion will take place Tuesday, February 7at 7:30 p.m. at Byng Arts Mini-School (3939 West 16th Avenue.

The conversation moderator will be Pnina Granirer is an artist and co-founder of Artists in our Midst Open Studios. Her work has been documented in print and film. It has also been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

The event is co-sponsored by Byng Arts Mini-School and Artists in our Midst, and admission is free.

“Thinking the unthinkable, imagining the impossible, and discussing the improbable”, SFU’s Philosophers’ Café is a series of informal public discussions in the heart of our communities. Since 1998, this award-winning program has engaged the interests of scholars, seniors, students, philosophers, and non-philosophers through stimulating dialogue.  

For further information call 778-782-8000 or 604-224-6795. 


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