Preliminary Survey Results Show Culture Days 2013's Success

Culture Days was a grand success according to those who participated in over 7,500 free activities in 825 cities and towns across Canada this past September 27-29, 2013. Independent national surveys were conducted by The Strategic Counsel for Culture Days, and preliminary results of Canadians who participated in Culture Days activities provided these insights:

  • 98% said they were satisfied by their experience attending Culture Days activities and 97% said they intend to participate in Culture Days 2014;
  • 91% agreed that the arts and cultural activities make their community a much more enjoyable place to live;
  • 88% agreed that arts and culture help make their life meaningful;
  • And 73% said that as a result of the Culture Days weekend: “I am a lot more proud of my community and what takes place in it!”

And, as a result of those who participated in Culture Days activities in 2010, 2011 and/or 2012:

  • 52% attended more arts and cultural events;
  • 33% became a fan of an artist or cultural organization;
  • 32% visited more art galleries or craft studios;
  • 22% took on more volunteer work with an arts or cultural organization;
  • 11% donated more to arts or cultural organizations and bought more art work.

More comprehensive results will be published on in the coming months.

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