Theatre Cares Week coming February 14th to 20th

Theatre Cares Vancouver is proud to announce our plans for the next Theatre Cares Week, February 14th to 20th 2011, and we invite you to join us in making it even more successful than last year.

You will recall that Theatre Cares Week is an annual fundraising effort that provides the performing arts community a chance to raise funds for charity.  We’ll be collecting donations at all participating theatres from February 14th to February 20th.  If your theatre does not have a show running during that period, you can still participate by holding your own Theatre Cares Week at a time that better suits your schedule.  The bottom line is we want your support for our charities, and we will assist you in any way possible!

Our mission in 2011 is to raise funds and awareness for the Actors’ Fund of Canada, local HIV/AIDS relief, and The Stephen Lewis Foundation, an organization dedicated to the relief of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa (

Our web site will list the theatres that are participating in Theatre Cares Week, and provide links to their sites and/or to purchase tickets, so people can find out at a glance where they can go to see a great show and also donate to a worthy cause.

Our request is that a performer come onstage at the end of every performance during Theatre Cares Week to talk to the audience, informing them that a collection will be taking place in the lobby immediately following the speech. (The text of the speech is available on request.)  If space permits, we would also welcome the opportunity to display our informational materials in your lobby so that patrons can learn a bit about Theatre Cares Vancouver.

Vancouver’s theatre artists and audiences have shown tremendous support in past years.  This year we hope to surpass the $32,000 raised in 2010. Your participation could help make that happen.  I, or someone from our committee, would be happy to discuss in greater detail how we might work together to ensure success.  In the meantime, please visit us at to find out more about what we do. 

If your theatre would like to help by being part of Theatre Cares Week, please let me know and I will make sure that your production is featured on our website, and that you have everything you need to help make Theatre Cares Week a success once again!

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