Union of BC Municipalities Conference to debate emergency resolution to restore gaming funds

Please forward this on to your contacts as a way of supporting this resolution.

The Union of BC Municipalities Conference will take place at the Vancouver Conference Centre from September 28 to October 3, 2009.

All Mayors and Councils from across BC and all MLA's and the Premier will be in attendance.

An emergency resolution has been submitted and will be debated at the conference.   The resolution requests the reinstatement of all Direct Access Gaming Funding to all of the Charities in BC.

Please support our BC Charities -  the social-profit sector  -   the arts, culture, heritage, parents, teachers, hot lunch programs, libraries, amateur sports, AIDS relief centres, health centres, emergency preparedness, music and summer camps for blind kids.

Please call or email your local Mayor or Councillor now and ask that they support this critical resolution. 

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