Update on All-Candidates Forum to Discuss the Arts and Culture

All-Candidates Debate at Stanley Theatre (photo by Mischa Bartkow) In an innovative departure from the usual all-candidates debates, the Alliance for Arts & Culture will host a “live-blogging” forum on May 4th at 4pm with Spencer Herbert (NDP candidate), Vanessa Violini (Green Party candidate). At this point, no Liberal Party candidate has chosen to participate; however, Bill Bennett, Liberal candidate and former Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts – who cited prior commitments - will post a prepared statement on behalf of the Liberals. We have asked each candidate to begin the session with a response to the two questions:

  1. In your opinion, why aren’t we talking about the Arts and Culture in this Election?
  2. What is your party’s position on the significance of the art and culture in BC’s economy and its future growth?

We will then begin with questions submitted online.

All-Candidates Debate at Granville Island (photo by Jessica Werb)

You can participate!

Just point your browser to www.allianceforarts.com/blog/ and submit a question in the comments field. We welcome questions of all kind, but only questions related to the arts will be posted.

Please note that submitting a question does not guarantee inclusion in the debate.  For the duration of the debate, we will be moderating all comments to ensure that a wide variety of topics are covered.

In order to watch the debate unfold in real time, you will have to click refresh on your browser periodically.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Boychuk, Director of Communications at the Alliance for Arts & Culture, at pboychuk@allianceforarts.com, or by calling him at 604-681-3535 ext. 215.

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