Vancouver Tourism Master Plan Survey

Vancouver’s first-ever Tourism Master Plan will identify, innovate and articulate potential products, amenities, programming and experiences – along with corresponding policies and protocols – that will guide the long-term, sustainable planning and design of Vancouver and its neighbourhoods as tourism destinations. The plan is an initiative of Tourism Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Economic Commission and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

While working on this project over the past several months, Resonance Consultancy has spoken to stakeholders intimately involved in the tourism industry, business people in a variety of sectors and neighbourhood spokespeople who are inspired by the enormous potential of tourism in our city. You're invited to take an online survey and help to shape the future of tourism in Vancouver. 

The survey summarizes many of the challenges and opportunities Resonance has heard in the course of the interviews. In it, they ask your feedback and your opinion about their importance. 

Once the survey data is complete, Resonance will create a summary document of all prioritized issues and opportunities. That document wouldn’t be complete without your input and that of your friends and colleagues.

The survey is anonymous and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. All responses will be held in strictest confidence by Resonance Consultancy.

And if you participate, you could win a draw for an iPad mini!

The survey is a great opportunity for you to have your say and for those around you to provide input. Please share it with everyone you know who cares about Vancouver's future.

To participate, follow this link:


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