VIEWPOINT: Dear Premier Campbell

An open letter to Premier Gordon Campbell by Graham Scholes:

Dear Premier Gordon Campbell,

I am sure that the opening ceremonies for the Olympics moved you to the same extent as it did for millions of people across this Land.  The Art of this performance with its visual and preforming qualities was what enabled the producers to build a sense of pride and meaning to our distinctive Canadian culture.
I hope you now realize how powerful the arts can be for building BC’s economical and social future.   I trust this performance moved you to  understand the damage that your Arts Funding Cuts will cause to organizations presenting music, theatre, dance and visual arts. It undermines the strength of our social fabric that the arts are able to achieve.
I suspect that not a single Olympian performance will have the same effect on the large number of Canadian citizens as did the Artistic performance of the evening. It stirred the emotions and cause a sense of pride, which I am sure you experienced and appreciated.
I ask that you reassemble your caucus and visit the wisdom of your Arts Funding Cuts.  
Surely you will see the folly of such a decree and the importance of re-establishing a meaningful and worthy Arts Funding program. The worthiness of such a program has wide ranging economical and social benefits towards small and large –communities, contributing to regional economies through tourism, BC‘s major industry.  
By virtue of the Liberal Government‘s own figures, you are able to generate 35% profit on every dollar invested into the arts.  This certainly is sufficient incentive to move forward to a stronger and vital social fabric arts funding for British Columbia.
Yours Sincerely,
Graham Scholes
Graham Scholes is a woodblock printmaker working in Sidney, BC.


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