WIFTV's Triple Dog Dare to you

Crazy8s is once again inviting applicants to submit their short film idea in a 5-minute video pitch.

This is WIFTV's Triple Dog Dare to you:

If you are a woman who is willing to shoot from the hip, thrive under pressure, step out into the light, and put up some sassy stories, we TRIPLE DOG DARE you to show up on December 12th to pitch for Crazy8s. We think there are more women out there who would rock as directors and writers. We want to see your stuff so we're calling you out!

WARNING: This is not for the meek or the mild.

We dare ya to give it a try!! 

Download the application form at http://www.crazy8s.cc

We're waiting...

Robyn Wiener, Mary Bissell, Tracey Mack, Carolyn Combs, Christina Bulbrook, Rachelle Chartrand, Siobhan Devine, Mary Frymire, Christine Larsen, Kay Leung, Linda McArthur, Roslyn Muir, Jennifer Roworth, and Peggy Thompson

"I got to go to Berlin and other great festivals with my Crazy8s film." - Penelope Buitenhaus, 2001 Crazy8s alumni

"Crazy8s is what launched my career and took my directing to the next level.  The audience that Crazy8s reaches is huge and I am constantly astounded when I find people who have seen my film because of it. You cannot create this kind of opportunity and reach an audience like this on your own - Crazy8s is huge and it's incredible to be part of it." - Tracy D. Smith, 2005 Crazy8s alumni

"I found the Crazy8s pitching process to be one of the best learning experiences in my career as a filmmaker.  The panel wasn't afraid to challenge my ideas and ask for clarification.  This helped me think on my toes and get succinct.  Thanks to the Crazy8s pitching process, when I was pitching my feature scripts two years later at Cannes for Miramax, Sony Pictures Classics ... I was ready." - Katrin Bowen, 2006 Crazy8s alumni

* * * * * *

To submit a pitch you must register in person at the Pitch Registration & Info Session Sunday, Dec. 12 at the Vancity Theatre (or send a representative.) Video pitches will be due Jan. 10, 2011.


Registration to submit a video pitch will take place from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm on a first come first serve basis at the Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre.   Space is limited.

Application fee of $50 (cash or cheque payable to Crazy8s Film Society) and completed application form should be brought to the registration session.

Download application form at http://www.crazy8s.cc

Following the registration, there will be an invaluable Crazy8s Info Session in the Vancity Theatre.  Up to 2 participants per registered team may attend.

At the Crazy8s Info Session, filmmakers will hear from event producers Erik Paulsson and Marc Stephenson about what's expected from the video pitch, how the selection process works, and what to expect in terms of support if their project is selected.  There will be a screening of both the video-taped pitches and the finished films for several successful past Crazy8s projects.  Filmmakers will also hear from past pitch panel judges and/or past Crazy8s filmmakers about participating in Crazy8s and what makes for a great Crazy8s project and a great Crazy8s pitch.

An industry pitch expert will also give a Pitching Workshop on the secrets to successful pitching.

The top 40 video pitches will be selected to pitch in-person to a jury of industry professionals on Jan. 28th & 29th, 2011.

12 finalists will be paired with a professional story editor to craft their script before presenting it again to the jury.

Based on the strength of the finished scripts, 6 winners will be chosen.

Crazy8s winners will receive $800 and a production package worth tens of thousands of dollars – everything they need to make their film – in just 8 Crazy days!

Production and post-production will take place from March 25 – April 1, 2011.

Finished films will be screened at a gala event at the Vogue Theatre April 9, 2011.

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