WORKSHOPS: New Opportunity for City Funded Cultural Non Profits: Vantage Point Workshops

The City of Vancouver is pleased to announce a partnership with Vantage Point to offer creative learning opportunities for leaders in the non-profit community. The departments of Cultural Services and Social Policy have teamed up to provide full bursaries for existing grant recipients as well as primary tenants of City-owned or controlled spaces.

Vantage Point offers workshops in areas such as board development, performance management and human resources recruitment. An eligible organization is able to participate in up to two workshops per year, with up to a maximum of two participants in total. Candidates will be selected on a first come/first serve basis.

To view upcoming workshops and to apply for workshop bursaries, click here.

For those interested in the Vantage Point Workshops, the following criteria apply:

The organization is a Vancouver-based, non-profit society (registered in BC), that has received (and successfully completed) at least one grant within the past two years (Operating, Project, Infrastructure, Community and Neighbourhood Arts Development, Theatre Rental) or;

The Organization is the primary tenant in a bonus amenity space or has received a significant contribution of space through nominal leases of City-owned or controlled land and/or buildings.

For more information on who can apply contact Cherryl Masters

For more information on the content of specific Workshops and Advanced Learning Labs, or to learn more about what Vantage Point has to offer, contact staff at Vantage Point,



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