Your Candidates Answer Our Arts & Culture Survey

Citizens in Metro Vancouver’s 24 cities, municipalities, villages and districts went to the polls on Saturday, November 19th to elect their respective mayors, city councilors and, in Vancouver, park board commissioners, and your Alliance for Arts and Culture prepared for the elections by sending the candidates a survey to determine their views on the role of arts, culture, and heritage in a civil society in general and your community in particular.

The survey reached 442 candidates in all Metro Vancouver communities except Electoral District A and Belcarra, with 280 responses overall.

In the City of Vancouver there were 6 responses from the 12 mayoral candidates, 32 from the 41 City Council candidates, and 6 from the 21 running for Parks Board.

There may have been candidates on the final ballot who the Alliance was not able to contact for this survey. Those who missed the deadline were invited to post their positions on arts and culture on the Alliance facebook page.

"We are pleased with the response to this survey," noted Alliance executive director Amir Ali Alibhai, "and delighted that we have once again been able to keep arts, culture, and heritage issues in the electoral conversation."

Here, sorted by community, are their responses:

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