2015 Federal Election Toolkit

Welcome to the Alliance's toolkit for the 2015 federal election! This is your one-stop shop for engaging your candidates, influencing your riding, and informing yourself and your community before heading to the ballot box on October 19!

During this election, the Alliance is putting a focus on getting the vote out. Increasing voter participation and representation, especially from the arts and culture sector, is the best way to achieve an outcome that will help our sector moving forward. We encourage you to get your peers to vote, to help inform your communities, and to emphasize the election's importance. Take a look at our Get Out The Vote section for more.

One of the best ways you can help to create a good outcome for the arts and culture sector is by engaging your candidates. Ask them about the arts and culture and give them the facts on what makes our sector important in this election! Head to our Engage Your Candidates page to find out more.

We are continually updating this toolkit as the election goes on. Keep checking back for new resources and information!

We would like to give a special thank you to CAPACOA and the Canadian Arts Coalition for their leadership and advocacy at the national level and in the #ArtsVote campaign.

Information that appears on the Election Toolkit pages of our website is available in a single document which can be downloaded using the button below. 

General Information

Join the conversation on social media! Use the hashtags #artsvote, #elxn42, and #cdnpoli when posting about the election.

The Elections Canada website has all of the information you will need when it comes to election day. Here are some steps you can take to make sure that you are ready to vote:

Educate yourself on the parties' platforms and get to know who your candidates are! Click the links below to be taken directly to each party's website.

Conservatives | Liberals | NDP | Green


The Alliance has put together a formal survey on behalf of the arts and culture community asking the parties questions that relate directly to the sector and their national vision of the arts.  The survey has been sent to the four major political parties.  To read the responses we have received, please click on the following links. Not all of the parties have responded yet, but the links will be updated once they arrive. 

The Conservative Party (have not responded yet)
The Green Party
The Liberal Party

Arts and Culture In the Headlines

As new information and platform promises roll in, we will keep you up to date.

More Resources

Below are more resources for election toolkits and arts and culture advocacy.

Canadian Arts Coalition

Canada Council for the Arts


Imagine Canada