Last Chance for Submissions on Provincial Budget Consultations

Each fall, the all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services seeks public input on the next year’s provincial budget through public hearings, written submissions and an online survey. The consultations are based on the Budget 2015 Consultation Paper.

It is very important that the Committee hears from BC-based arts and cultural workers as part of this consultation process.

Community public hearings close today, however you still have time to provide your feedback via written, video or audio submission, or by completing the survey

The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 17, 2014

Alliance executive director Rob Gloor presented to the Committee at a public hearing in Surrey this week, and made the following recommendations with respect to the arts and culture sector and the 2015-2016 provincial budget:

  • An immediate increase in BC Arts Council's grant programs to $32 Million in 2015-16 (from the current $24 Million), and further increases to $40 Million over the next two years;
  • An immediate increase in Community Gaming Grants to $156 Million (from the current $134 Million), including reinstatement of the capital grants program, with further increases in subsequent years reflecting ongoing growth in gaming revenues;
  • Investment in the creative industries through increased funding of Creative BC programs to $15 Million;
  • Establish a Cultural Infrastructure Fund and strategy to leverage major capital investment from other levels of government.

We encourage all members of the arts and culture community to provide their input through the online submission form at the links above. 

Learn more about the consultation process by clicking here

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