​Identifying Vancouver's Chinatown's Intangible Heritage Values

Heritage BC wants you to share your thoughts, ideas, memories, and feelings and help us discover Vancouver's Chinatown's intangible Heritage Values.

Heritage BC is conducting public meetings and gathering public input in August 2015 on behalf of the Province of BC's Ministry of International Trade, to identify Vancouver's Chinatown's intangible heritage values.

Anyone can provide input. There are no wrong answers and you don't have to be a history of heritage expert to communicate what aspects of Vancouver's Chinatown's story are important or significant and have contributed to its unique identity.

If you're in Vancouver drop in to the public open house onThursday August 20, 2015 between 2 pm and 6 pm at theChinese Cultural Centre boardroom located at 50 E Pender Street, Vancouver. At the open house participants will be asked to think about Vancouver's Chinatown in relation to different historical, social, and cultural themes and to identify what they value about Vancouver's Chinatown.

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