Vancouverite one of 10 Design Contest Winners

Local graphic designer Jeff Kulak is one of ten talented Canadian designers to win the Playwrights Guild of Canada's limited edition t-shirt contest. The Guild created the contest to illustrate the work of some of its playwrights, whose theatrical projects have now been immortalized in graphics. 

Each of the winners will see their iconic play covers printed in color on cotton t shirts through , and profits from the t-shirt sales will be used to fund readings of Canadian plays across the country.

Over 1900 votes were cast over the course of the contest.  The winners are:

The Woodcutter, play by Don Hannah, design by Jeff Kulak.
Age of Minority, play by Jordan Tannahill, design by Julian Montague;
Blood: A Scientific Romance, play by Meg Braem, design by Elliott C. Smith;
carried away on the crest of a wave, play by David Yee, design by Leon Aureus;
How Do I Love Thee?, play by Florence Gibson MacDonald, design by Leah Renihan and Blake Sproule;
Little One, play by Hannah Moscovitch, design by Stéphane Monnet;
State of Denial, play by Rahul Varma, design by Natalie Olsen;
The Best Brothers, play by Daniel MacIvor, design by Guntar Kravis and Blake Sproule;
The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble, play by Beth Graham, design by Sabrina Smelko;
The Unplugging, play by Yvette Nolan, design by Leah Renihan; and

PGC congratulates all the winners and thanks all involved for participating. 

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